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Where Are All The Homeopaths? April 15, 2010

Posted by sarahwalder in General, Homeopathy Awareness, Research.

Where are you?  I am saddened to Google “World Homeopathy Awareness Week” to find that the skeptics have taken over the online world’s campaign.  People, these blog posts with rants about Homeopathy are not conducive to a constructive argument.

What troubles me is this is what people are finding when they seek out information about this awareness week.  Many bloggers are talking about scientific medicine against homeopathy.  However,  I would like to point you to a specific video by a non-homeopath in the UK with a grounding message about research in Homeopathy:

We simply need more time, funds and a more advanced method of scientific testing
in order to show the scientific efficacy of Homeopathy.
It is almost impossible to test such an individualized method on a grand repeatable scale
within the specified perameters of current research method.

As for the time being, we can see through case studies and personal experience that Homeopathy works.
If you require the scientific evidence for proof, it is only a matter of time.



1. Dr Prabhat Tandon - April 17, 2010

Who says Homeopathy lacks evidences ? But if someone has deliberately shut their eyes with so many evidences in front of them than what can we do ? Just see for the vastly compiled evidences http://homeopathytorrents.blogspot.com/2009/08/vastly-incomplete-list-of-scientific.html

sarahwalder - April 17, 2010

Thank you for sharing this compilation of research for readers to take a look at the data for themselves and make up their own educated decision! 🙂 It is difficult to find a list this comprehensive of the studies that have been done.

2. sarahwalder - April 17, 2010

Just found some interesting information which teachs us to be conscious of where our information comes from.

3. Fulvio - May 19, 2010

One day people such as yourself will have one of those “lightbulb moments” where you find yourself wondering how you could have possibly believed in the plausability of water molecules having memory … amongst other things … and you will realise that homeopathy is no more than wishful thinking

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